After all, 3 million graduate students enrolled in 40,000 graduate school programs can't all be wrong, right?

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First, a word on what we don't do

Taking a graduate degree is an important decision. We care deeply about helping you make the right choice. We're a guidance platform, not a marketing shop.


We don't list for-profit schools nor allow aggressive marketers.

We don't track you with adtech.

We don't arbitrage; the better your information and theirs, the better the program recommendations we give you.

We don't sell your email address or share your information with anybody.

We won't spam you.

Why list all of those graduate schools?

Because that's where all the good students will go.

Our list includes about 500 nonprofit universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.


You'll find programs at the giant private and public "Research 1" universities: places like Harvard University and the University of Michigan.   

Which universities recruit?

A lot. Faculty and staff from about 150 universities currently recruit students here.


They range from top ranked Research 1 graduate schools to focused Master's colleges. 

They represent virtually every academic discipline, including professional programs in medicine, law, pharmacy and psychology, and more. 

Gradschoolmatch has quickly become "the way" for smart graduate programs to effectively recruit great students. 


  Let our algorithms take your academic background and interests to recommend a list of graduate programs just for you.   


  Graduate program faculty can spot you and will reach out if they think you fit. Two-way search is better than one-way.  


  Engage with program faculty and staff for answers to your questions. Use their expertise to help make the right choices.  

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